SMART FAVORITES is a bookmark management solution to organize, annotate and check your
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11 December 2009

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Whenever we discuss the Internet we can’t help but marvel at this humongous utility that offers the world of information and details that can help in more ways than one can ever fathom. From news to entertainment to literary sources to what not; one can find absolutely anything and everything over the web. Accessing various web pages we make it a point to store up all the requisite web pages as bookmarks or favorites to have easy access to them anytime we want; however if use a different browser or a different computer system, we struggle to locate our favorite web links over Google. To save oneself from any such hassle, the usage of Smart Favorites 1.3.5 can help in organizing and storing favorite web page listings as desired.

Smart Favorites 1.3.5 upon launch opens with a neatly designed interface with the major options placed at the top and the left panel showing up the list of categories under which varied website pages can be stored. The bottom of the screen shows the detailed information about the website for user reference. Storing up favorite lists of web pages can lead to keeping up irrelevant pages that might become invalid or difficult to manage or even duplicated without realizing. This is when the program comes to our rescue by working on all major web browsers such as Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The user can store up the entire collection of web pages with a password which can be accessible by the user only.

To conclude, Smart Favorites definitely proves to be a practical and suitable utility for taking care of any web pages that are saved up as favorites and thus earns a rating of three points for its user friendly application.

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Can you imagine the modern world without the Internet? No? Me either. Every single day most of us spend some time surfing the net. We all find something useful and interesting in the immense knowledge depository that we call the web. But sooner or later we face the problem of repletion; the information is so diverse and available at various sources, that after a while we create a reasonably big list of favorite web links, which later may become duplicated or irrelevant. And what if you change the browser or connect from another PC? Do you have to gather the list again? Our portable bookmark manager brings the solution for topical problems of web users.
Version 1.3.5
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